Brindley J Fortuin

Cape Town, South Africa

Content Creator

Brindley is an MSc student at the University of Edinburg. Through his master's he focuses on the exclusionary construction of citizenship and it’s legitimization of human rights violations of displaced/refugee African nationals in South Africa. His activism is primarily on LGBTIQA+ rights, race and integration. Born and raised in Atlantis, a Coloured township on the periphery of Cape Town, Brindley is known for his activist work at a community level. He completed his undergraduate degree in Politics, Sociology and Religion and completed his Honours in Sociology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He has previously done work on race and identity in South Africa. Pronouns: He/She/They/Them.


Dissecting and contextualising Xenophobic violence in South Africa

By Brindley J Fortuin